About Simplee Therapy

Mission: “To empower individuals, couples, and families to value themselves and embrace the power that comes with understanding yourself and your relationships.”

Analee Phang California Marriage Therapist

Hello, my name is Analee Phang (you can call me Lee)! Welcome to Simplee Therapy! I should tell you a little about me and why I wanted to create a space where individuals, couples, and families could find support and guidance on their unique journey to deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist hoping to create a positive space for anyone who wants to gain understanding of the roles they play in their own lives. The many hats I wear in my life inspired me to write about and support the individuals, couples, and families out there that are seeking additional guidance on their journey through life.

I consider myself a Post-Modern therapist, which basically means I’m not here to psychoanalyze you. In a therapy session, my role is a collaborator as you create a new narrative for your life. I see myself as a tour guide, helping you see how behaviors, relationships, and society influence your story. I then guide you to a solution to any challenges you face, so that your life can have better balance and harmony.

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My story is like many…being a child of immigrants, of a multiracial identity, a first generation college-grad, being in an intercultural marriage, as well as raising a multiracial child, all these pieces to my story influence my work with those hoping to balance what life has thrown at them and create a life that has meaning and purpose.

I enjoy guiding intercultural couples through the couples therapy process, and I love my work with diverse clientele of individuals exploring subjects such as managing stress, anxiety, multiracial identities, communication issues, & big life transitions, among many other unique challenges. I’m interested most in your story and how I can walk along side you on your path.

I look at life holistically and hope to bring a well rounded set of tools, advice, skills, and knowledge to you readers! If you are interested in meeting with me for therapy, please feel free to reach out for an appointment!

peace, love, happiness, Lee

Analee Phang, LMFT #120842

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, State of California
Master of Science in Counseling/Marriage & Family TherapySan Diego State University
Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Science-The University of Georgia

Let’s make your wellness simple.