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Making therapy simple is at the core of my work.

Hi, I’m Lee. I’m a mother, wife, and marriage & family therapist living in San Diego, CA. I write because I am a creative at heart & I love to share stories, insights, and helpful information about mental health related topics. Truly everything can be tied back to the way we think, feel, and interact with the world around us.

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Using a Therapy Journal and How to Maximize It

If you are participating in therapy, how are you tracking your progress? Do you have a therapy journal you are using to write down key questions, track your mood, or practice gratitude? If not, how do you even know if therapy is working for you? Journal therapy is very much a thing, but even if…

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The Cost of Therapy: How to Find Affordable Services

One of the the biggest deterrents from attending therapy is the expense of it. The cost of therapy doesn’t have to be a barrier to care though. There are multiple ways to pay for therapy and get adequate care without breaking the bank. Key Topics Insurance Private Pay EAP Services Sliding Scale Services Community Based…

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How to Be an Associate in Private Practice on Day One

Private practice isn’t a “reward” for years of struggling. Being an associate in private practice is an attainable goal for new therapists. So why don’t we learn more about this career path in grad school? We’ve all heard a fellow therapist say, “They didn’t teach us this in grad school!” And it’s true. Graduate programs…

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Partnership or Companionship, What are You Really Looking For?

Having time alone often leaves individuals thinking they want to be in a relationship, but are you looking for someone to keep you company or a partner to grow a life with? How do you find a relationship that meets your needs? Let’s discuss the differences between companionship and partnership. Companionship What’s the difference between…

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