Individual Therapy

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Sessions are approximately 50 minutes long. Best for adults seeking one-on-one time with a therapist to explore identity development, difficult life transitions, managing anxiety or depression, and/or dealing with recent life stressors. Fee per session is assessed on a sliding fee scale ranging from $90-$160. If you are a student or in need of financial assistance, please notify therapist during intake phone call.


Couples Therapy

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Couples therapy sessions can range from 50-80 minutes. Best for couples who are dating, engaged, or married, and are hoping to gain better understanding of their roles in their relationship. Building communication skills, reducing conflict, preparing for marriage (Pre-marital Counseling), or preparing for a new addition (Pre-natal Counseling) are all common concerns in couples counseling. Fee per session is assessed on a sliding fee scale ranging from $90-$160 per session.

Family Therapy

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Sessions can range from 50-80 minutes. Best for families of teens (14+) and adults looking for better communication and cohesion within the family units. Building stronger parent-child relationships, co-parenting skills, managing divorce expectations, and other familial concerns can all be addressed in therapy. Fee per session is assessed on a sliding fee scale ranging from $90-$160 per session. Child/Play Therapy is unavailable at this time.

Group Therapy

Are you looking to start your therapeutic journey, but not sure if individual counseling is right for you? Have you been searching for a safe space to discover the ins and outs of self-love, self care, and self actualization? Have you been hoping to grow a community of supportive people encouraging one another on this journey through life?

Well you have come to the right place! Here at SimpLee Therapy we are creating group therapy spaces that help support everyone through their unique journey. Using a combination of narrative and solution-focused therapy techniques, Lee has curated unique group curriculum to help you find the community that will encourage and enlighten you on your therapeutic journey!

Minority Women’s Healing Group

How we interact with ourselves, our relationships, and society is all influenced by our identity as minority women.This 6-week group emphasizes ways in which we can better these relationships through discovering self-love, asking ourselves the hard questions, and having a space to discuss today’s challenges as a minority woman. This group will cover…Self Care, Discovering Racial Identity, Self-Love, How to build Community (aka your Tribe), Societal Influences on Identity, Creating Vision for your Future, and so much more…

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Working Moms Support Group

At all stages of motherhood we crave care, support, and understanding. As millennial moms, we have the task of changing the motherhood game, and creating a “new norm” for what motherhood should look like. This 8-week group creates a space to build your “village” and fulfill this need for connection. We will discuss how to create a healthy self image as a mom, all the trials and tribulations of modern motherhood, and practice supporting those in our village on their unique motherhood journey!

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Speaking Events

Lee loves to work with businesses, churches, schools, and various other organizations to provide information on mental health issues and cultural competency programs. Whether you are looking for a speaker for a panel discussion, a presenter for a conference or festival, or a consultant for implementing mental health and cultural-competency topics in your organization, Lee would be happy to speak with you further on how she can assist you! Fees for these types of events start at $200. Feel free to fill in the contact form to tell me more!

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