Individual Therapy

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I specialize in working with young, minority, women on issues that vary from stress management to identity development. I tailor the therapy experience to your story and work with you to create a space that allows for growth and exploration of your emotions. If you are looking to explore identity development, difficult life transitions, managing anxiety or depression, and/or dealing with recent life stressors, schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss what you are hoping to gain from therapy.

Couples Therapy

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I enjoy working with couples at every stage of a relationship, from dating to celebrating golden anniversaries. Couples counseling is made for any couple hoping to gain better understanding of their roles in their relationship. Building communication skills, reducing conflict, preparing for marriage (Pre-marital Counseling), or preparing for a new addition (Pre-natal Counseling) are all common concerns in couples counseling. If you and your partner are interested in starting your therapy journey, schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how I can assist you on your journey.

Family Therapy

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My work with families has been focused on generational disagreements and mending relationships between parent and child. These dynamics are often seen from teens to adult children hoping to better their boundaries and expectations of parents. I work with clients 16 years old and up. Building stronger parent-child relationships, co-parenting skills, managing divorce expectations, and other familial concerns can all be addressed in therapy. Schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to see if we can mend these relationships.


Speaking Events

I love to work with businesses, religious organizations, schools, and various other collaborators to provide information on mental health issues and cultural competency programs. Whether you are looking for a speaker for a panel discussion, a presenter for a conference or festival, a guest for a podcast, or a consultant for implementing mental health and cultural-competency topics in your organization, I would be happy to speak with you further on how I can assist you. Fill in the contact form to tell me more.